Brond – bronding

Bronding is an ideal opportunity of coloring for those who is keen on naturally beautiful hair, for those who is fond of refreshing their face, adding some youth and beauty to their appearance.

While coloring locks the technician makes ideal smooth varying of tones (from light-beige to brown, chocolate), making splashes of light gleam/migrate into each other. Light and dark shades must not be different for more than three tones from each other. The ends must always be the lightest, the middle part is of middle tone and the roots are the darkest. All multiple details must be created in the only color scheme, which is warm.

Advantages! After having your hair bronded it noticeably emphasize the skin and makes the color of your face look much fresher, and in its turn this affects your appearance and makes you look years younger.

As a rule a wide range of contrasts gives your hair more volume and makes it look more magnificent and thicker. Bronding is also very effective in hiding gray hair. Hair having been bronded doesn’t need tinting, as the roots growing are not so noticeable.

Hair bronding options:

  • The effect of sun-bleached hair;
  • The effect of glittering;
  • Smooth color saddening from the ends to the roots of the hair;
  • Hair cutout or near-to-face locks tone framing;
  • Smooth change from dark to light etc.

Color decisions in bronding are usually within the range of brown, chocolate, coffee, golden-beige and dark blond scheme with adding some light element of blond. But other options are also possible.