Copacabana bronding from L’Oréal Professionnel

Copacabana bronding or Brazilian bronding is:

  • six light and harmonious, glamorous and elegant images, inspired by romantic winds and warm seas.
  • four new techniques of coloring with a help of Platinium, INOA and Richesse products which can be adopted depending on the client’s wishes. It is a unique combination of fast service for blodies and brunies to have luxurious appearance as you have just come back from your holiday.
  • natural effect of flecks of sunlight in your hair when the middle and the ends of your hair seems to be lighter than the roots.
  • highlighting giving a beautiful shade to your skin and making your face look fresher
  • the service is fast to be done, easy from the point of technique, and it means that it is cost-effective and attractive for the saloon’s clients.