Shatush coloring

Shatuch coloring is a French technique allowing achieving smooth shading-off from lighter ends to darker roots. Darker roots make the color deep and the lighter ones adds some volume. It has the effect of naturally sun-bleached hair.

Before Shatush coloring hair is divided into numerous locks which a combed. That is the reason of stumping the color of the hair lengthwise. Shatush coloring technique is suitable both for blondies and brunies.

While doing this service the technician uses L'Oreal professionnel brand, the leader in the world of hairdressing.

Different dyes both permanent and non-ammoniac are used in work. This technique has a lot of possibilities, starting from the effect of “sun-bleached hair” and finishing with color shading-off (in a creative way). The hair is lightened unevenly but it looks very natural as there are no sharp color contrasts.

The technician chooses a tone for each client individually and makes a mixture taking into account the desirable result and the client’s hair peculiarities.