Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting shows up because of the scheme of locks location and intensity of the products effect on your hair. At that time there were no dyes and Venetian women spent a lot of hours sitting under the baking rays of the Italian sun in order to get just a little effect of sun-bleached hair. Nowadays this technique has a name of Venetian highlighting.

Venetian highlighting is a kind of highlighting for brunies or and dark brownies.

Peculiarity of this technique is a moderate number of light locks smoothly transferring into the basic mass of dark hair.

These locks make your color more prominent and your haircut dynamic.

First the technician chooses and mixes warm tones of light color (tawny, golden, champagne), provided that the number of them can vary from one to four. After that the technician paints accurate lines in your hair with a help of a special brush (leaving space from the roots – about 2 cm) and gives the paint some time to take effect. It happens just in open-air, without any foil or thermal paper.

As a result of coloring your hair starts glittering and polarizing. And what is extremely important you can have your new color for a pretty long time, without any borderline: the border between growing roots and colored locks will be soft.

The advantages of such a technique are evident:

  • First of all during the time periods between colorings your hair it will look natural.
  • Secondly, such “selective” lightening is not harmful as just a few locks will be affected by the bleach but not all of your hair.
  • Thirdly it suits everybody who is keen on changing the image but is not so resolute to take extreme measures.
  • Fourthly It is really trendy!