Californian highlighting

Using this way of coloring the paint is spread on the locks with drawdown and left in the open-air not in foil. This technique allows achieving soft hair lightening, without hurting it. You hair stays shining and soft. By this way the effect of unnoticeable shading-off from natural to lightened is achieved.

Californian highlighting technique allows combining different tones that makes you haircut more prominent and dynamic. Your hairstyle looks visually volume and deep.

Selection of locks and design imitates the effect of the hair naturally bleached under the rays of burning Californian sun.

Californian highlighting technique is a smooth shading-off form dark roots to lighter hair ends that makes you hair look more natural. That is the most important advantage of Californian highlighting. Using this way of hair coloring we solve the problem of constantly growing hair roots. Now there is no any necessity to color growing hair every month.

Coloring without foil allows creating a hairstyle without inappropriate contrasts. Smooth locks shading-off creates absolutely natural tone of “sun-bleached hair”.

Thanks to various tones of different locks it is possible to get tone accents of all kinds regardless of hair dressing and to make your hairstyle lighter or darker. This kind of highlighting is suitable almost for all haircuts.