Brond – bronding Brond - Брондирование

Bronding is an ideal opportunity of coloring for those who is keen on naturally beautiful hair, for those who is fond of refreshing their face, adding some youth and beauty to their appearance.

While coloring locks the technician makes ideal smooth varying of tones (from light-beige to brown, chocolate), making splashes of light gleam/migrate into each other. Light and dark shades must not be different for more than three tones from each other. The ends must always be the lightest, the middle part is of middle tone and the roots are the darkest. All multiple details must be created in the only color scheme, which is warm.

Copacabana bronding from L’Oréal Professionnel

Copacabana bronding or Brazilian bronding is:

  • six light and harmonious, glamorous and elegant images, inspired by romantic winds and warm seas.
  • four new techniques of coloring with a help of Platinium, INOA and Richesse products which can be adopted depending on the client’s wishes. It is a unique combination of fast service for blodies and brunies to have luxurious appearance as you have just come back from your holiday.

Balayage is a kind of hairdresser’s services the aim of which is to make the ends lighter. It looks splendidly with short hair or gauged haircuts. This kind of coloring is not suitable for long hair. The process starts with dividing your hair into even locks having a square basis and tying them with a band. After that the ends of locks are wrapped up in foil.

Shatush coloring

Shatuch coloring is a French technique allowing achieving smooth shading-off from lighter ends to darker roots. Darker roots make the color deep and the lighter ones adds some volume. It has the effect of naturally sun-bleached hair.

Before Shatush coloring hair is divided into numerous locks which a combed. That is the reason of stumping the color of the hair lengthwise. Shatush coloring technique is suitable both for blondies and brunies.

While doing this service the technician uses L'Oreal professionnel brand, the leader in the world of hairdressing.

Venetian highlighting

Venetian highlighting shows up because of the scheme of locks location and intensity of the products effect on your hair. At that time there were no dyes and Venetian women spent a lot of hours sitting under the baking rays of the Italian sun in order to get just a little effect of sun-bleached hair. Nowadays this technique has a name of Venetian highlighting.

Venetian highlighting is a kind of highlighting for brunies or and dark brownies.

Gray hair dazzling

LP Homme is a specialized male line of beauty products created by the specialists of Loreal Professionnel company for hair styling and caring. All products of Homme LP line contains special formulae taking into account peculiarities of male head skin and hair. Thanks to Homme LP line men got an opportunity to provide their hair with full care. All over again the hair gets softness, silkiness and healthy look.

Californian highlighting

Using this way of coloring the paint is spread on the locks with drawdown and left in the open-air not in foil. This technique allows achieving soft hair lightening, without hurting it. You hair stays shining and soft. By this way the effect of unnoticeable shading-off from natural to lightened is achieved.

Californian highlighting technique allows combining different tones that makes you haircut more prominent and dynamic. Your hairstyle looks visually volume and deep.

Selection of locks and design imitates the effect of the hair naturally bleached under the rays of burning Californian sun.


Today Ombre hair coloring or Degrade as we can say the other way is at the peak of its popularity. It is some kind of smooth shading of one tone into another from hair roots to ends. The most important thing is to select the tones correctly. As a result you will look beautiful and natural.

If you want to color your hair but you don’t know what tone to choose, pay attention to Ombre, the most popular way of coloring in Hollywood. This coloring is especially good for long hair possessors. When your hair dress is correct such hairstyle looks just splendid. That may be the reason of its popularity with celebrities on the red carpet.